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Meet the Team.

Who we are

Our Founder

Brian Yip

Brian Yip is currently a junior studying at Hong Kong International School. At a young age, he developed a consuming passion for art and his works have won him multiple awards and prizes. As time went on, his focus shifted from competitions to art centered on advocating for animal welfare, resulting in an exhibition called EndAnger. Nowadays, he is focused on digital art, helping school publications with graphics design, he familiarized himself with softwares such as ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Alongside his ongoing volunteer work with Mother’s Choice, he decided to combine his two passions into one large project called 1000 Suns. By fundraising through the sale of his own designs and artworks, he hopes to put a smile on every kid's face. Spreading the exact same warmth and love that he felt from volunteering. He is very grateful for the opportunity to be able to make a difference in his community and is extremely excited for what has to come for 1000 Suns.

Featured Artists

Our art tells our story


Harrison Chua

Chief Creative Artist

Harrison Chua is currently a junior attending Hong Kong International School. He enjoys creating content and is always eager to provide creative input when needed. . .

Alysha Profile Photo Bio.JPG

Alysha Lai

Featured Artist

Alysha Lai is a High School Senior from Hong Kong, currently studying at Phillips Exeter Academy and looking to specialize in textiles and design. Working with multiple. . .

Ashley KAN Photo .jpg

Ashley Kan

Featured Artist

Ashley Kan is a high school student and has had a passion for creating art from a young age. Creativity and imagination are the frontmost leading factors driving. . .

Screenshot 2022-08-03 122441.png

John Chan

Featured Artist

John Chan is a highschool student born and raised in Hong Kong. He has two brothers, and his interests include art, swimming, cooking, and hiking. . .

Content Creators

Our content spreads our message


Kellis Yeung

Social Media Manager

Kellis Yeung recently graduated from Canadian International School of Hong Kong, and is going to the University of California San Diego to study Biochemistry. . .


Kayla Yeung

Social Media Content Strategist

Kayla is currently a student at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. She has always had a passion for pursuing opportunities to help those in need. . .

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