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As many of Brian’s close family and friends know, taking care of children has always been a big passion of his. Since the tender age of 5, he has naturally gravitated towards looking after younger kids, be it his god siblings or the younger siblings of his good friends. Witnessing the joyous smiles of these children has always brought him unparalleled happiness. As Brian matured, he saw an opportunity to channel his passion into giving back to the community he grew up in. 


Mother's Choice became the perfect organization for Brian. Their vision of seeing every child in a safe, loving, and permanent family aligned seamlessly with his goal of bringing happiness to every child. He vividly recalls his first volunteering experience in 2019 when, as a nervous yet excited 13-year-old, he entered the room with worries about being accepted by the kids. However, his apprehensions vanished the moment a girl sat on his lap, smiling at him. In that instant, he knew he had found his place. It was moments like these that inspired him to volunteer in the first place, as the warmth of that girl’s smile was that of a thousand suns. The name "1000 Suns" holds great significance for Brian, serving as a dedication to that moment, that feeling, that warmth. Ever since that day, his mission has been to give these children the same radiant warmth he experienced during that moment.

Brian Volunteering During COVID in 2020

Brian volunteering during COVID in 2020.

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