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Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Fundrasier


The bright moonlight shines upon those that are sincere. 

The one thousand suns

warms many homes.

This Chinese couplet seen on the exterior of the box expands on the idea behind 千月餅. It conveys the importance of sincerity and warmth in society and suggests that just as the moon's brightness can illuminate the dark, one’s sincerity can radiate warmth to those in need. Furthermore, it emphasizes that this warmth is limitless and has the potential to spread to countless children and homes. It encourages people to treat others with sincerity, kindness, and warmth, just as 1000 Suns wishes to spread its warmth to others.

A Brief Description

What is 千月餅?

Brian's dedication to volunteering at Mother's Choice for four consecutive years allowed him to witness the captivating imaginations of the children he cared for. Every time he visited, these children transported themselves to a shared realm of boundless creativity. Within this enchanting world, they immersed themselves for hours, playing, running, and escaping, while the outside world remained oblivious to the wonders unfolding in their minds. In May 2023, the concept of "千月餅" was born, as Brian sought to harmonize his Chinese heritage with the mission of 1000 Suns. Mindful of the power of imagination, he recognized the perfect opportunity to showcase the collective creativity of the children during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a celebration that symbolizes unity. Months of meticulous planning and designing culminated in the creation of a unique mooncake box for 千月餅. This custom-designed package houses six exquisitely crafted mooncakes, complemented by an artwork that embodies the spirit of unity and imagination. Furthermore, if you look closely at our box cover, our name in Chinese, "千日", is elegantly embedded inside the characters "千月". It is our sincere hope that the generous donors who support this initiative will not only relish the delectable mooncakes but also appreciate the profound meaning encapsulated within the artwork, serving as a reminder of the transformative power of unity and the boundless potential of children's imagination.

千月餅 Mooncake | 1000 Suns

Product Details

General Product Information

The mini custard lava mooncakes are made by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tao Heung Holdings Limited ("Tao Heung"), a publicly listed restaurant and food processing operator in Hong Kong (stock code: 573 HK). Tao Heung has 18 brands and more than 100 restaurants in Hong Kong and China.

  • Quantity : 6pcs (individual package)

  • Net weight per piece : 45g

  • Gift box dimension : 516mm(W) x 213mm(D) x 50mm(H)

Return & Refund Policy

No cancellation/refund or amendment will be accepted within 48 hours of pick up/delivery.

Shipping Information

Expected to begin in mid-September.

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