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Who We Are


Brian Yip

Founder & Artist

Brian Yip is from Hong Kong and currently a junior studying at Choate Rosemary Hall in the U.S. As a young boy, he found a passion in the arts and has honed his skills for 10 years now. Winning multiple awards and prizes, he dedicated his early ages to watercolor and painting. His main focus was on spreading awareness towards animals, works including an exhibition called EndAnger. As he grew, he developed a newfound passion towards digital art and graphics design. Helping his school with publications and graphics, he familiarized himself with ProCreate and is now planning on going further by learning about Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. By volunteering at Mother’s Choice, he wants to give back to the community by using his skills as inspiration. Though this will be his first charity event, he has learned much along the way and has high hopes for the outcome of this event.

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Alysha Lai

Featured Artist

Alysha Lai is a High School Senior from Hong Kong, currently studying at Phillips Exeter Academy and looking to specialize in textiles and design. Working with multiple mediums, including fabric, ceramics and acrylic paints, Alysha creates whimsical and colorful pieces, sculptures and installations. Her work is inspired by biological and psychological phenomena, and her cultural identity as an Asian-Australian growing up in multiple countries. Her art focuses on environmental sustainability in her message and creation, through the use of repurposed recycled materials. Her work is on display at her website.

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Ashley Kan

Featured Artist

Ashley Kan is a high school student and has had a passion for creating art from a young age. Creativity and imagination are the frontmost leading factors driving her passion for art, as she has found herself immersed in the world of self-expression. Ashley has found an interest in abstractly intertwining her Chinese background and culture into the concepts of her artworks, as they create a deeper connection with her identity. 

As an enthusiastic student and a part of the creative team in her school's Mother's Choice Council, Ashley sets out to raise awareness of Mother’s Choice within the community. She is proud to dedicate her artwork to help this charity continue to thrive in their mission to serve children and families in Hong Kong. Furthermore, she aims to help advocate for other issues around different stigmatised topics that are often not spoken or discussed about enough in society. Her work is displayed here.

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John Chan

Featured Artist

John Chan is a highschool student born and raised in Hong Kong. He has two brothers, and his interests include art, swimming, cooking, and hiking. Some of his achievements include being enrolled into the Student Wellbeing Association at his school and having some of his artworks hung at a planned art gallery by his art teacher. The passions and values behind his work are that they show what his thoughts and feelings are, and that they are interpretable in many ways by multitudes of different people. Art is a conduit for him to express his emotions. He looks forward to joining this NFT project and seeing how his artistic-ness can contribute to it. Here are his artworks!

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Zachary Cheng

Featured Artist

Zachary Cheng is a fourth grader at St. Paul’s Co-Educational College Primary School. His favorite subjects at school are Math and English. He likes wake surfing, fingerboarding, Rubik’s cubing and making robots with micro:bit in his leisure time. He also loves music and enjoys playing the cello with his school’s orchestra. Zachary became interested in NFTs after learning about blockchains and digital currencies. He looks forward to creating the NFT art project to help fundraise for Mother’s Choice. 

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