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1000 Suns

"The warmth of a child's smile is that of a thousand suns."


Brian Yip

Founder of 1000 Suns

Brian Yip is from Hong Kong and he’s the founder of 1000 Suns. He’s currently a junior studying at Choate Rosemary Hall in the US. He has a consuming passion for arts and his works have won him multiple awards and prizes. He is also very dedicated to participating in various charity works in Hong Kong.




Following his parents, Brian started getting involved in all kinds of charity works since he was 8 years old. He has helped in distributing meal boxes to homeless people in the streets of Shum Shui Po, visiting less fortunate children living in cage homes, [give examples], and he had always felt sorry for these people and always wanted to help. 




Brian started volunteering for Mother’s Choice in [2018]. He’s responsible for taking care of some of the abandoned children there. Contrary to Brian’s expectations, the children there were strong, loving and welcoming. They gave him a sense of belonging and warmth. And that warmth is what inspired Brian to create the 1000 Suns charitable initiative to spread awareness and help more people.




Through the 1000 Suns charity initiative, Brian hopes to be able to bring different people in the community together who share the same passions for arts and services as he does to make contributions to all meaningful organizations in Hong Kong.

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