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The Little Ones

The Little Ones is the first and most personal project that Brian did himself. During his three years volunteering at Mother’s Choice, Brian noticed that there were kids that tended to stand out no matter if it was because they were much naughtier or more mature. Watching them grow made Brian grow too. So for this series, Brian based it off of the kids with the most significant impact on him as a volunteer. 


Brian always found comfort in drawing animals. From watercolor to digital art, he realized that drawing animals was his comfort zone. To reflect his interest, these kids are illustrated as animals that are, too, often abandoned at birth. Each animal has specific traits that represent both the kid and the animal itself, with the cosmetics representing the specific experiences or observations that Brian had with them. However, none of them are looking straight forward, instead they look towards our right, but what are they looking at? (Look to Series 4)

The Caring One

This boy was the oldest of the group. He was a role model, an older brother, a good kid that all the others looked up to. He always helped out and prepared snacks and other foods for the other kids, he’s a good little scout. To illustrate this, Brian went with a Bear to show his caring warm heart that bears also share and gave him scout badges to represent the kid’s helpfulness.

1000 Suns Snake NFT.jpg

The Naughty One

This baby boy was an extremely playful and naughty boy who loved to kick and punch people. To illustrate his naughtiness, Brian went with a snake and added cosmetics like a chain and beanie to accentuate the playfulness that Brian sees within the boy.  So naughty!  So devious!

The Observant One

There was this one day when Brian was taking care of this sick baby girl, and while all the other kids were in a separate room playing and having fun, this baby boy would constantly look at them and wave through the glass window. He was an extremely observant and sharp boy, like an eagle. Not only was he observant, he was also very active and constantly ran around, which is why the eagle is wearing a track and field outfit to represent the activeness.

1000 Suns Eagle NFT.jpg
1000 Suns Sheep NFT.jpg

The Following One

This girl was extremely cute, sweet, and loved to follow all the other kids around and join in on the fun, like how a sheep tends to follow the flock. However, she was always cold and needed to wear layers so Brian drew a puffy down jacket on her to keep her warm.

The Loving One

This baby girl was the girl from Brian’s first day volunteering at Mother’s Choice, the girl that sparked the whole initiative. She was so loving, just like a rabbit. Every time Brian went there, she would hug him and stick with him the whole time, making him feel warm and loved. She always loved to grab onto her blankie and goofily stick her tongue out, attempting to make a silly face.

1000 Suns Bunny NFT.jpg
1000 Suns Seal NFT.jpg

The Cute One

This baby girl was the cutest girl. Every time Brian went to volunteer, she would run up to him with the happiest smile and the widest of arms. One might call her a beautiful daisy, another a princess. She loved to grab his hair and yank it extremely hard. So Brian decided to go with the cutest animal, a seal, and added a crown with a hairclip to represent her cuteness and femininity. This seal is also pulling on her own whiskers to illustrate her pulling on Brian’s hair; the only one in the series that has an action.

The Lonely One

During Brian’s time volunteering, this boy always sat in the corner alone playing with his own thoughts. Brian decided to go with a Panda as it represents his solitary nature. No accessories were drawn on the Panda as all he needed were his thoughts.

1000 Suns Panda NFT.jpg
1000 Suns Turtle NFT.jpg

The Mature One

This boy was really sweet and mature for his age. He never cried and always listened to people, which is why Brian chose a turtle to represent him. However, the kid also had a whimsical side of him and loved to spin around like a helicopter which is why Brian added a helicopter hat to the turtle.

The Blossoming One

Brian saw this girl go from just crawling to walking and talking. The growth is represented through her metamorphosis into a butterfly. Along the way, she got sick many times, but was happy and healthy in the end.

1000 Suns Butterfly NFT.jpg
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