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My Superheroes

My Superheroes is about the general characteristics that these kids display on a daily basis.  Why superheroes? Well, it’s because Brian wanted to dedicate this project to HIS superheroes, the kids. This eye-opening experience has proven that hope is not lost and we can all draw from the powers these children possess to turn an unfortunate situation into a positive experience while remaining strong and optimistic.


This series has Alysha Lai as the featured artist and it’s a more creative project dependent on the style of the artist herself. Brian’s overarching goal for this series is to show the variety of kids that share many of these characteristics and let people see that these kids are more than their circumstances.


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”. The infectious nature of creativity, shows in the colorful paint splotches, and bright rainbows streaming out from its hands. Creativity is modeled after a paintbrush, with paintbrush arms. Creativity the hero, spreads their ideas, in a bright, happy, and excitingly powerful new way



The loving superhero represents the different types of love. Shaped as a heart, it is a symbol of love. It sends love to others by sending out hearts. It shares love through a hug to its teddy bear friend. It has self love, and enough love to go around. 


Often, when we think of strength, we think of physical strength. But although our brain is not a muscle, we need to exercise it and strengthen it. The strong superhero is a brain, with large biceps, carrying books of knowledge. You can see both the left and right side of the brain - the logical and creative sides. Strength can come in many different forms. 



Did curiosity kill the cat? Curiosity can be seen as negative, but it is also a form of learning. It is a power which causes an urge to seek and learn, explore and gather new information. The abundance of question marks surrounding the cat shows all its unanswered questions. Curiosity made the cat stronger. 


Often, being emotional can be seen as a weakness, but it is a true power. It is a gift to feel things more deeply and truthfully. With this power, you can empathize better with others, and help them as well as yourself. The emotional flower is gray and blue, but it cries magical tears which beautiful bright flowers sprout from. From sadness can grow happiness. From pain can grow confidence. 



Emperor penguins are extremely resilient creatures that can endure the harsh environments of Antarctica: they gather food, travel great distances and regardless of what happens, they always return to their breeding grounds to feed their young. This super penguin stands in a power position with its hands on its waist. Being resilient is to be loyal to your goals.


Patient is calm and quiet in this peach color. It is a form of strength and power, but it whispers and is controlled. The character is a sand-timer, with the power of flight. It is hovering in the air with ease; calm and collected



An interchangeable word for smart is “bright”. Using a light bulb as a symbol of smartness, and yellow for light and energy, this superhero shines bright. Being smart is not just intellectual intelligence, it is also emotional and practical.


Observant has the power to see things others don’t. With the power of lasers, this hero can make others see this the way they do- empathy. Or notice what may be hidden to others. Your eyes are blind till you look with your mind.

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